When You Need The Best, Think Littmann Stethoscopes!

Think Littmann Stethoscopes!

Accuracy, precision and quality are the absolute priority when considering which tools and instruments are needed in the health care industry. Your patients are depending on you to use only the best for their health and well being.

The stethoscope is the most useful of all instruments for any medical doctor or nurse. Littmann is the brand most likely that you will find being used by any health professional you ask.

A well respected cardiologist and professor at Harvard Medical school, David Littmann changed the way medical auscultation was done by inventing a new type of stethoscope in 1963.

This new stethoscope was so revolutionary that it was named after him. It has continued to be developed and improved resulting in what is know today as the the 3M Littmann Cardiology Stethoscope. This has become the de-facto standard among medical professionals.

The Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope is specially equipped to pick-up hard to hear lung, heart and other bodily sounds while eliminating other distracting noises.

The most important new feature is the Ambient Noise Reduction technology.
This stethoscope reduces room noise around 75% or -12 decibels over the operation range of the bell and diaphragm.

Another great feature in Littmann Stethoscopes which allows the user to switch from bell to diaphragm mode and back is the new tunable diaphragm. This increases the versatility for adapting to required use.

A new line of Littmann stethoscopes have been developed because of this new technology. This includes an electronic Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope geared towards infant and pediatric disciplines as well as veterinary professionals.

Littmann models like the Littmann Master Classic II, Littmann Cardiology STC, and Littmann Cardiology III are the most popular nurse stethoscope options. Nurses and  cardiologists who use them for both adult and pediatric auscultation.

These stethoscopes have a large diaphragm on one side and a small size diaphragm on the other side which is innovative. The smaller side is designed with pediatric or very thin adult patients while the large side is for adults. Doctors and nurses will find this truly versatile.

Littmann also offers a 1″ pediatric bell and an infant bell as options. In addition there’s a Nurse’s kit which includes a Littmann stethoscope and sphygmomanometer at a great price.

Chances are that the next time you see a doctors stethoscope, you can bet it is a  Littmann stethoscope. We can all be grateful to the innovations by Professor Littmann as they aid in accurate medical diagnosis.

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