How to Wear Scrubs Fashionably

How to Wear Scrubs Fashionably

You should broaden your thoughts if you only think that fashion and style are tied to certain professions. Fashion does speak louder than the usual garments and oldie style even in the medical field.

Nurses usually spend a lot of their time in scrubs. They begin and also end their day wearing them. And when they get an invite from their friends after work, they start feeling tired to dress up and party. Most nurses embrace the fact that they are confined in a profession with little to no time to enjoy some beautiful options in life like fashion.

In this article, you will learn secrets to a better you with these new ideas on how to stay and maintain in touch with the sense of style and fashion. Here are some tips on how easily and inexpensively you can get to transform your look in those scrubs every day. You are bound to experience a little taste of fashion and colour that has been missing in your life.

#1.  Go for scrubs that suit your body type

Go for scrubs that suit your body type

There’s nothing to worry about, whether you are heavy or light! You can always equip yourself with open collar neck scrub and deep V-neck tops in darker solid colours, especially if narrow at the hips and more substantial on top. They will help narrow the upper part. On the other hand, if you are heavy at the bottom, go for long tops that slightly skim over the hips. They will cover up plenty of your flaws naturally. Besides, if you are a bit heavy on the hips, avoid wearing wide pants.

For females, if you have a petite frame smocked, ruffled, and gathered tops would look good on you as they tend to add some volume to your body. For a more substantial look, layer your scrub camisole, plunge bra, top, and jacket. All these ideas ensure that you look terrific in your scrub regardless of your body type.

#2.  Choose scrubs with the right fit

Choose scrubs with the right fit

Choosing the right scrub size is one of the most important things to consider, yet most people overlook this fact. For males, their scrubs are either too fit or too wide. Their female counterparts don’t seem to know their actual measurements. All these results to nurses buying outfits that don’t fit correctly as they ought to. For a pleasant and comfortable fit, choose the right size when purchasing. When you wear scrubs that fit perfectly well, you tend to feel more confident and super comfortable. However, if you don’t find scrubs that match your measurements, it would be ideal to seek help from the best seamstresses and tailors in town. It allows you to guarantee repairs and adjustments too.

#3.  Wear colours that complement each other

Wear colours that complement each other

Consider colours that match your skin shade. Hold the scrub close to your face to find out if the colour does suit your complexion. If the colour of the scrub gives the face a warm tone, it means that the colour works perfectly. However, if your face looks pale, tired, or drawn next to the colour of the scrub, then it isn’t an ideal colour for you. The idea here is to only go for colours that tend to brighten your face. You can consider the opinion of another person to get an honest remark if you keep second-guessing or are not sure of yourself.

#4.  Match your pants and tops

How to Wear Scrubs Fashionably

Most scrubs usually come in pairs; you can buy different sets in bold colours and prints then you can match up the separates. You can come up with the best creative matches and also keep shifting the sets. Your day can just start right and even add some excitement when you wear a new look every day. However, when mixing scrubs, always ensure that when you wear anything printed, downplay the effect with an item with a solid colour. For instance, you can wear a printed top with a solid bottom, which reflects the colour on your top’s print. You can also do the same when wearing your best bra for lift and back support.

Besides, you can as well mix prints if only they belong to the same family. Most notably for females, you can mix animal prints with animal prints, and florals with florals. If the top features small prints, then the bottom should have larger prints. Also, you can comfortably mix a print with a solid colour or florals. Wearing solid colours for males is usually better, from darker pants with lighter tops and vice versa. After a while, you will learn how to create new looks for yourself efficiently by mixing and matching.

#5.  Add some personal touch to the scrubs

Add some personal touch to the scrubs

There’s no reason whatsoever why you can’t put a unique stamp on your scrub even if you bought it from the shop. To some institutions, this idea is quite normal. For a unique look, you can get your name embroidered on the side of the top. Plus, you can get your initials or nickname embroidered on the side of the sleeves in another colour. If the colour of your top is solid, use your favourite pin to equip it to add some pop of colour. As long as the pin does match your personality, it can come in handy even if it has nothing to do with your profession. Think of different creative ways to personalize your scrubs. However, ensure your ideas do not contravene the institution’s rules.

#6.  Accessories should be minimal yet fetching

Accessories should be minimal yet fetching

Female nurses can always use jewellery to accessorize scrubs. But, ensure you keep it subtle. Wear simple hairpiece, earrings, and necklace. Ensure the jewellery brings out the colours of the scrub nicely. For that hourglass figure, you can as well wear a skinny belt. For both, you can get a watch to wear regularly. You should, however, try staying true to your style and always pick designs that suit your scrub for that particular day. Remember to keep the accessories minimal as not to steal attention from your scrub.

#7.  Wear the scrubs with the right attitude

Wear the scrubs with the right attitude

Wearing your scrub with the right approach is a must no matter how amazing the scrub looks. A positive attitude always does great in helping you cope with the stresses at work. Also, being confident does bring some constructive changes to your job; it will make you brighter, happier, and successful.

Keep in mind; a positive mind frame helps in so many different ways. Believing in abilities will show more confidence and self-esteem, which will, in turn, reflect on your entire get-up and look.

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