Natural Remedies for Reversing Hair Loss

Natural Remedies for Reversing Hair Loss

natural remedies for hair lossAs a nurse, there are many personal challenges you may face. Today, we are discussing about hair loss.

Hair loss is an embarrassing condition for countless people. Although once considered to afflict only men, studies have revealed that women and children also suffer from excessive thinning and baldness. Experts say that it is normal for people to shed between 50 and 100 hairs each day. As normal hair counts are approximately 100,000, such shedding is largely unnoticed. However, hair loss in excess of these numbers that does not experience re-growth can lead to baldness.

Normal Growth Phases of Hair

Normal hair growth occurs in two or three-year cycles. Throughout these cycles, each hair lengthens by approximately one centimeter every month. Hair strands alternate between growth cycles and periods of rest. Such rest occurs for three to four months. After that time, hair that was resting falls out and is replaced with new hair growth.

Causes of Excessive Hair Loss

As people age, hair gradually thins. However, a growing number of individuals experience premature hair loss. The causes of hair loss are many and can vary depending upon health, stress and genetic factors.

Illness or undergoing major surgery can both lead to loss of hair. This is related to stress and lasts only temporarily. A number of women also experience hair loss approximately three months after they have delivered a baby. Hormones that must adjust to pre-pregnancy levels are responsible for such. A thyroid gland that is either over or under active can increase hair loss as well. Again, this is relative to imbalanced hormone levels.

Certain medications, fungal infections and underlying diseases are additional contributing factors to hair loss. Blood thinners and antidepressants, for example, are both associated with hair loss. So are such medical conditions as lupus and diabetes. Added to this list is overwhelming stress from a traumatic event and genetics. To illustrate, pattern baldness that affects both men and women is a hereditary condition.

Treating Hair Loss with Natural Remedies

Experts indicate that, depending upon the reason and severity of hair loss, such a condition can be treated with natural remedies. These may yield benefits for all sufferers of hair loss. Simple lifestyle changes that include diet, herbs and vitamins and caring for hair are all examples of natural hair loss remedies.

Diet: Typically, one of the first places to start when seeking relief from hair loss is with diet. Hair loss is often attributed to a lack of proper nutrients. For example, foods that have high levels of saturated fat do not offer the nutrients essential for healthy hair. Similarly, indulging in quantities of coffee and alcohol, as well as foods that are greasy, sour, fried and processed reduces the intake of important vitamins and minerals. These lead to depraved hair follicles that cannot properly grow. Instead, a diet high in iron, zinc, protein and vitamin B12 poses a much healthier alternative.

Vitamins and herbs: One of the most prominent vitamins that can be used to grow hair is biotin. In addition to other B vitamins, this nutrient helps to stimulate hair follicles and keep existing locks strong and healthy. Although biotin can be obtained from diet, thousands of calories are needed everyday to achieve the most benefit. Instead, experts recommend taking a daily biotin supplement.

Herbs are also believed to provide benefit when trying to restore hair growth. Green tea is shown to influence blood concentrations of some hormones. In addition, such remedies as licorice extract, horsetail, apple cider vinegar sage tea (directly applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth) and ginger are among those considered to help hair loss.

Hair Maintenance: What a person puts into his or her body is as important as how he or she maintains that body. The same is true of hair. Certain hair styles, such as pony tails, pig tails and cornrows, can cause hair breakage and even scar the scalp. Hair treatments that include permanents, coloring and hot oil can also lead to hair follicle swelling, a condition that may cause hair loss.

The bottom line is that hair should be treated gently. Avoid over-exposure to blow dryers, tight hair rollers and curling irons, as these are also linked with hair breakage. Moreover, deter from corrosive shampoos full of abrasive chemicals. Natural shampoos and conditioners should be used when possible. Finally, apply hair protecting sprays and gels when going outside. This will prevent damage from UV rays and other environmental hazards. If you continue to struggle with your hair we strongly advise hair extensions to avoid further damaging your own hair. Read more about hair extensions here:


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