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Best Back Braces for Nurses

Nurses can wear back braces to help prevent work related injuries, improve posture, relief lower back pain and for stabilization among others. There are many different types of back braces available on the market and they serve different purposes. To get the most out of a back brace, there are a number of things that you need to put into consideration. Keep scrolling and let us indulge you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Back Braces for Nurses

  1. Increased Posture

Our postures have taken a hit especially with the prevalence of laptops and smartphones owning to technological advancements. This results in different back related ailments overtime and that’s where back braces come into play. Back braces help support the lower part of the back and align the spine leading to a healthier and improved posture.

Better posture when wearing a back brace is usually achieved through a series of stays and metal rods hovering along the spine. However, you can choose to remove the metal springs when the need arises solely for adjustability purposes.

  1. Adjustability

Save for the ability to remove the metal springs when the need arises, back braces offer other adjustability options. They include a pulley system and Velcro fasteners that help customize the fit especially around the abdominal muscles. Different size options also come with different adjustability options to accommodate a range of body types. This means that you might have to go through the size charts before making a purchase.

  1. Additional Features

Most back braces come with additional features to alleviate pain and improve posture or reduce the risk of any further injuries. Some of these features include heat packs of both hot and cold compresses, mesh pockets and removable lumbar pads for added support and comfort.

  1. Fabric and Breathability

You need to put a …