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How to Wear Scrubs Fashionably

How to Wear Scrubs Fashionably

You should broaden your thoughts if you only think that fashion and style are tied to certain professions. Fashion does speak louder than the usual garments and oldie style even in the medical field.

Nurses usually spend a lot of their time in scrubs. They begin and also end their day wearing them. And when they get an invite from their friends after work, they start feeling tired to dress up and party. Most nurses embrace the fact that they are confined in a profession with little to no time to enjoy some beautiful options in life like fashion.

In this article, you will learn secrets to a better you with these new ideas on how to stay and maintain in touch with the sense of style and fashion. Here are some tips on how easily and inexpensively you can get to transform your look in those scrubs every day. You are bound to experience a little taste of fashion and colour that has been missing in your life.

#1.  Go for scrubs that suit your body type

Go for scrubs that suit your body type

There’s nothing to worry about, whether you are heavy or light! You can always equip yourself with open collar neck scrub and deep V-neck tops in darker solid colours, especially if narrow at the hips and more substantial on top. They will help narrow the upper part. On the other hand, if you are heavy at the bottom, go for long tops that slightly skim over the hips. They will cover up plenty of your flaws naturally. Besides, if you are a bit heavy on the hips, avoid wearing wide pants.

For females, if you have a petite frame smocked, ruffled, and gathered tops would look good on you as they tend to add some volume to your body. For a more …


Nurse Kitchen: My Favorite Bread Maker

My Favorite Bread Maker

If you are like me, you probably don’t have a lot of time to cook. After a long day in the hospital, who has time to make a decent meal.

For this year, I decided it’s time to change. I’ve decided to commit to making some healthy food at least twice a week. During the shopping frenzy of the holidays, I bought myself a used Cuisinart BMKR 200PC from Craigslits. Here my review of the bread maker.

The Cuisinart BMKR-200PC is a two pound break maker that is attractive enough to be left on the counter as a regular kitchen appliance. The handsome brushed aluminum color will match the newer model stoves and refrigerators easily, just like its counterpart the Cuisinart CBK 200 bread maker. The name “cuisinart” represents quality, and the same is true of this bread maker.

Everyone loves the taste and smell of homemade bread. The problem is that making bread is a time consuming process, and not everyone has the time to dedicate to making a loaf of bread. This is where the Cuisinart BMKR-200PC comes in. This machine does it all for you. There are 12 menu options that are completely programmable. You can make bread to fit the taste of everyone with the three different crust settings and three different loaf sizes.

People who are gluten intolerant will enjoy the ability to make a loaf of gluten-free bread at home. Many grocery stores have gluten-free products, but they cost a phenomenal amount of money. By making things, such as bread, at home, you can save a pretty penny. Even better, fresh bread doesn’t have the preservatives that store purchased bread does. The Cuisinart BMKR-200PC gives you fresh bread whenever you want it.

Other features on the Cuisinart BMKR-200PC include a delay timer that allows …